Unique Variety of Edible Flowers Melbourne Allowing You Prepare Scrumptious And Flavored Dishes

Published: 12th November 2010
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Gone are the days when a very few people showed their interest in using edible flowers, now these blossoms have marked a thrilling comeback in the culinary scene. In the present scenario, most of executive chefs from all across the world are making an attempt to bring the beauty and fragrance of flower gardens into the kitchen. Finding such flowers sometimes becomes a great challenge for anyone. In this regard, you can say there are a plethora of exotic blossoms out there; however, approaching the ones that are specifically grown for cooking and safe to ear is even harder. Edible flowers Melbourne has the solutions for those who are looking out for the flowers primarily used in cooking. However, some of their commonly used varieties are given below through which you can start experimenting for tasteful cooking.


Roses come with a delicate, lovely texture and slightly tart flavor that gives a wonderful taste for users. Most people use these blossoms in sweet items like scones and ice cream. Since earlier times, rose infusions have been in use in Indian sweets as well. These days, flowers are also used beyond the dessert course. Some use them as rose-steeped herbal tea, while others enjoy their sweet flavor by sprinkling fresh rose petals onto a fresh summer salad. Trying infusing vinegar with rose petals can be a good idea in order to experience a different flavor.


Lavender is enriched with a strong and perfumed flavor. Remember that a dish can be overwhelmed easily with the usage of too much lavender so using a little paired with the right dish can be an appropriate decision in order to get an unexpected and delicious flavor.


Having a mild and sweet flavor, carnations are inexpensive and have become one of the most in-demand blossoms used for cooking. The usage of this flower is generally seen in beverages as well as spirits including herbal teas and carnation wine. A popular combination is carnation petals paired with white tea.

Apart from these three popular blossoms used in varied food items, you can also find some other variety of eatable flowers once avail the services of Edible flowers Melbourne and make your dishes more flavored and scrumptious.

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